The most spectacular Pyro-Laser-Musical!

Light Explosion - Laser & Fireworks show.

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The "LIGHT EXPLOSION™- Laser, Light, Fireworks & Special Effects show consists of a combination of Laser, Lighting and Pyrotechnic Effects projected into the sky and over the audience. PYRO-FX pioneered the very first Pyro-Laser-Musical show in South Africa during 1995 at Sun City. Ever since, "LIGHT EXPLOSION" has had enormous unrivaled success.

Until now shows of this caliber have only been accessible to audiences visiting theme parks (permanent installations). PYRO-FX has introduced this technology to the world in the form of a fully mobil show. The "LIGHT EXPLOSION" is a spectacular extravaganza of sight and sound.  

Photo: Light Explosion Laser and Fireworks finale


The "LIGHT EXPLOSION" is a breathtaking and spectacular extravaganza of light and sound as Lasers and beams of light illuminate the night sky complimented by a spectacular fireworks display. As the last of the large shells explode in a spectacular star burst a message or logo is projected by Laser into the sky above the stunned audience or a pyrotechnic set piece of a logo can be ignited ("Logo on Fire") along with various other stunning ground effects.

For the ultimate finale we can simulate or complement an actual building demolition or decorate the face of a new building with pyrotechnic effects. Lasertronics is currently the only Pyro company approved by the department of explosives to do this in South Africa.

The synchronization of Lasers, Lighting, Pyrotechnic Effects, Fireworks and sound tracks are pre-programmed and edited to time code on computer. Once again Lasertronics is the innovator in this field. The show is choreographed to digitally edited music and sound effects and is reproduced on a high power sound system. The entire show is designed, programed and rehearsed in our Special F/X studio prior to going on site.

Once a show has been checked out in the studio and all equipment tested we are ready to load up and go on site. The entire show (including vehicles & trailers) can be containerized for any destination worldwide and simply driven on site.

A specially equipped vehicle contains the Laser and show control equipment and can also simply be parked in position once on site.


Once the van and trailers are in position, control cables are connected between the van and the trailers and lighting. The Fireworks and Pyrotechnics are prepared and setup along with Laser, Lighting and Sound equipment. Between 3 to 4 days may be required to setup including a rehearsal on the eve of the event. Smaller shows may require only 1 day to setup.

Undoubtedly, the "LIGHT EXPLOSION" is the most spectacular and technologically advanced Pyro-Laser display ever to be produced in Southern Africa. A stunning highlight to any event.

An indoors version of this show is also available utilizing Lasers, Lighting and special indoor pyrotechnic effects.

Photo: "War of the Worlds" indoor Light Explosion - Laser & Special Effects Show

Photo: "War of the Worlds" indoor Light Explosion - Laser & Special Effects Show
Indoor Light Explosion show in the Sun City Superbowl

Quotes from the media:

...." a devastating force of sound, lasers and pyrotechnic effects"....... The Star

...."a high tech Laser and Pyrotechnics spectacle." The Star.

...." a spectacular display of Laser technology and fireworks at the Union Buildings"........ The Pretoria News.

...."the likes of which Midrand has never seen. - words cannot describe: you've put Midrand on the map." Midrand Mirror.

.…"a spectacular Laser and Fireworks display"....... MNET

Lowveld Airshow ...."Said to be the best regional airshow in the country"...."But it was the fireworks and laser show that recieved the most whoops and cries of delight". LowVELDER

...."an exiting display of pyrotechnics both during the day and in the evening, when fireworks and a laser show provided the finishing touch the show". S A Flyer magazine.

Not only are we the pioneers and innovators in this field but also the only company successfully producing Pyro-Laser-Musicals in Southern Africa!


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