Lasertronics Megascan Laser Effects Projection System in the Sun City Superbowl

Multi-color Laser Effects Projection System in the Sun City Superbowl.

PYRO-FX (Previously Lasertronics) is the oldest Laser and Special Effects company in Southern Africa. We supply Laser Effects Projection Systems for any event. We were the very first company to ever computer choreographe Pyro-Laser displays exactly in time to music. We use state of the art computerized laser and show control equipment. We pioneered Pyro-Laser shows in South Africa during 1995 at Sun City. 'Laser and Pyro-Laser shows are designed, choreographed and pre-programed prior to actually going out on site.


Here are a few examples of various "free-air" laser effects that we produce.

Argo Laser Tunnel of Light
Multicolor Laser Tunnel of Light


Sun City Superbowl, New Years Eve Party

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